TV Quandary

It’s that time of year again. You know what I’m talking about. Oh, it’s not what to watch on TV; it’s what to watch TV on. This is the time of year when your friends and neighbors start piping up with, “We just got a new TV…” And there you have it. Your in-laws are watching the latest model, gi-normous, gargantuan television screen, with all the latest features, and there you are, looking at a dinosaur from the past. Jim and I were early adopters when high-definition TV’s came out, so our old set is about ten-plus years old. It’s one of those bulky things on wheels that you have to roll out to dust behind, but the top is useful for displaying knick-knacks. There’s a lot of real estate up there. We bought ours before you could hang the things on the wall.

So now, we’re just beginning to think about, maybe, helping stimulate the American economy by buying something a bit more up-to-date. Doesn’t that sound altruistic? It’s a big decision, however. Jim has already nixed the 3-D TV idea. He says he doesn’t want to have to help me search for yet another misplaced pair of glasses. Always the comedian…

Then there’s the issue of whether to hang the TV or buy a piece of furniture to display it on, and what the heck do you do with the old TV? Have you ever visited someone who had a new TV on top of an old one? I can understand their predicament. Some of those old sets are pretty difficult to move. I have a friend back in Tennessee who has an old TV set — on legs — no less, that she uses as an end table. A nice tablecloth disguises it to some extent, but it’s hard to miss the fact that there’s a TV under there. What’s a single girl to do, especially when stairs are involved. If you’re not careful, after a time, that old set becomes invisible, just part of the furniture.

Well, knowing us, we’ll probably keep rolling the dinosaur out to vacuum behind it for a while longer because it still works, and the picture is pretty good. But boy, if there’s one little blip from that thing, we’ll be down there at Best Buy, trying to keep up with the Joneses, or the in-laws, whichever one has the biggest screen.

About M.J.Deare

I am a writer, actively researching topics of interest. I am also a graduate of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, with a degree in English, and have a master's degree from the University of Memphis. Born in New Orleans, I lived there until moving to northwest Arkansas and from there to Memphis, Tennessee. My husband and I currently reside in The Woodlands, Texas.
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