Gift Wrapping

Well, I started the-thing-that-takes-up-so-much-time yesterday, and since this is fresh on my mind, I began really paying attention to where these items were made. I’ve only found one thing with a label that states it was “assembled” in the U.S. So I’m assuming that the parts for it were made elsewhere. But where? It doesn’t say on the box. I got online and searched. I couldn’t even discover who owns this particular company. Very odd. Wish I wouldn’t have purchased this particular gift now. It’s worrisome that our unemployment rate is so high and yet we seem to keep shipping manufacturing and service jobs to other nations. Cheaper labor, that’s certainly the biggest reason, but if we keep this up, fewer and fewer people in our country will have the money to spend, to buy those products, that are made somewhere else, and then shipped here on those gigantic container ships. (Did you know that they are in the process of widening the Panama Canal to double its width, and that that little project will be completed by 2014?) I think I’m going to buy some stock in the shipping companies.

About M.J.Deare

I am a writer, actively researching topics of interest. I am also a graduate of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, with a degree in English, and have a master's degree from the University of Memphis. Born in New Orleans, I lived there until moving to northwest Arkansas and from there to Memphis, Tennessee. My husband and I currently reside in The Woodlands, Texas.
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