The Tree is Up

Can’t decide if I want to take a picture of this one or not. When I got it, I defied one of the primary common-sense rules of tree- buying. Never go alone. You simply cannot hold a tree up and tell what it looks like, nor can you ask the sales person to hold it up for a long time while you examine it from all angles, with nothing in the background but other trees. When we finally got our tree in the house and in the stand, we discovered that this poor little tree has trunk-scoliosis. It leans in and out and left and right — all at once! I’d forgotten about that little difficulty with live trees. Ah, well, we decorated it and decided to give it a home for the holidays. At least it smells nice.

About M.J.Deare

I am a writer, actively researching topics of interest. I am also a graduate of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, with a degree in English, and have a master's degree from the University of Memphis. Born in New Orleans, I lived there until moving to northwest Arkansas and from there to Memphis, Tennessee. My husband and I currently reside in The Woodlands, Texas.
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