Garbage In. Garbage Out.

You may have heard that old axiom a time or two in the past. Computer programmers used to use it, and may still do, when referring to writing code for programs. If there was a problem with the code, there would be a problem with the finished product. Garbage in meant there would be garbage coming out.

But we could also use it to describe what’s going on in at least some of Houston’s waterways, particularly Buffalo Bayou. Evidently, some sections of the bayou have been cleaned up and restored and are being used and enjoyed by paddlers on a regular basis. This is quite an amazing amenity for city-dwellers to have. Imagine, a place in the heart of the big city where you can put your canoe or kayak in the water and actually paddle downstream. No long-distance driving necessary.

But having a beautiful waterway in the heart of a big, big city involves big, big work to keep it clean. Parts of it are still quite a mess.

Garbage Out

It’s hard to imagine why anyone would dispose of a grocery shopping cart by throwing it into a stream, but apparently it’s done quite a lot. Amazing and sad, but there are good folks committed to cleaning up the bayou and keeping it clean, and they’re doing a good job. Hooray for the good guys!

Personally, I wish we would make more of an effort to teach people not to litter in the first place. What I find around here a lot are fast-food wrappers, plastic and glass bottle, and cigarette butts. Gee, if I could sell cigarette butts, I’d be a millionaire. If only.

Here’s a nice little article about the clean-up efforts being made along the bayou. Thank goodness we have people like this, but it’s too bad we have a majority who make these herculean efforts necessary in the first place.


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