Spring Cleaning Tips

I found a good web site with some helpful tips and ideas for spring cleaning. A few days ago, I discovered a helpful hint online that I’ve used and liked a lot. Did you know that you can put a little bit of olive oil on a paper towel or soft cloth and clean your stainless steel appliances with it? It works great, and it’s very “green.” No chemicals. I thought it might make the surfaces greasy, but it doesn’t, and the shine seems to last longer than the other stuff I was using. Pretty cool.

Here’s an excerpt from TipNut’s spring cleaning page, followed by a link if you’d care to keep reading. Now all you need is the time and the energy, or maybe even a hired helper or two. Here’s the excerpt:

“Every surface is cleaned, everything is emptied out, washed & scrubbed, decluttered and organized.

Clean from Top to Bottom, Left to Right so you always know where you left off when returning to the room to clean.

Specific cleaning jobs & chores will depend on what room you’re working on, here’s an overall plan…

Working From The Top Down

  1. Ceilings – Dust from corner to corner and wash if possible, remember to clean the light fixtures, ceiling fans, smoke detector covers (might as well replace light bulbs and batteries while you’re up there).
  2. Walls – Dust corner to corner, floor to ceiling; Wash & scrub walls & everything on them (such as fixtures, pictures, mirrors, doors & door frames, hanging shelves, clocks, etc.).
  3. Windows – Inside & outside glass; Clean tracks & window frames; Wash all curtains, drapes & blinds. Find homemade window cleaner recipes here.
  4. Cupboards, Counters, Drawers, Shelves – Empty, remove shelf paper, wash inside & out, top & underneath, line with fresh shelf paper, sort items as you put back (keep/trash); Wash all knick knacks; Tighten, repair or replace handles and knobs where needed; Declutter & organize all items in drawers, on shelves, in cubbies.
  5. Furniture & Appliances – Pull out to wash floor & walls behind as well as all sides of furniture or appliances (inside & out); Steam clean furniture if possible; Wash all kitchen appliancesDust & clean all electronics; clean lamps & lampshades.
  6. Floors – Sweep well & wash; Vacuum & clean carpets and rugsbring laminate to a shine. I also have a lovely herbal lavender carpet freshener here.”

The site offers comprehensive tips and hints. For more info, here’s the link:


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2 Responses to Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. mrsfrisbie says:

    Thank you for the tip, I didn’t know you could shine stainless with olive oil and I would have thought the same thing, that it would be too greasy. I’m going to try it.

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