Volcanic Eruption in Japan Adds to The List of Woes

The news media don’t talk much about other things going on in Japan right now. I guess the possibility of a nuclear meltdown would pretty much dominate any news story, but a large volcano approximately 950 miles south of the earthquake, the Shinmoedake cone, erupted on Sunday. The blast was the volcano’s largest in 52 years, causing hundreds of people nearby to flee. No one knows for certain if the earthquake and the volcanic eruption are related.  csmonitor.com

Here’s an interesting factoid for you: Japan sits atop four different tectonic plates, the North American, Pacific, Eurasian, and Philippine, and as a result, they’re one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world.


The volcano, as seen in an earlier eruption in January


Here’s a clip of the volcano from YouTube. No narration, but the video speaks for itself.


(Sorry this wasn’t a live link earlier today. My fault for being in a hurry…)

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