Earth-Hour at 8:30 Tonight

I guess this is the latest thing, although it’s been done in various places for a few years now. Everyone is supposed to turn their lights off for one hour, from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., local time, wherever they may be. It’s a symbolic gesture to show support for environmental issues. I don’t remember this from last year, but last year at this time, we were getting ready to move into this house, so I didn’t keep up with the news very much.

I don’t know, we may do it just for the heck of it. I wish they would have made it at 8:30 a.m. though. With all the lights off, I’ll probably just go to sleep. If you want to read more about it, here’s a link and a video for you:

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I am a writer, actively researching topics of interest. I am also a graduate of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, with a degree in English, and have a master's degree from the University of Memphis. Born in New Orleans, I lived there until moving to northwest Arkansas and from there to Memphis, Tennessee. My husband and I currently reside in The Woodlands, Texas.
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