Converting A Truck To Run On Propane

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We had to live in our RV at Lake Conroe for a while when we first moved here while we were waiting to move into our present home. We met a nice old guy at the RV park who had a beautiful golden retriever named Duke. The guy wintered with his wife and his dog every year at Lake Conroe. He said the Iowa winters were just too hard on him. We chatted with the guy frequently, (I can’t recall his name, but I can easily remember the dog’s name. Isn’t that typical?)

One day, Jim happened to notice that the guy was running his pickup truck on propane. I think it’s the first time we’d ever seen that first-hand, though we’d heard of it before. The truck seemed to run just fine. In fact, he’d pulled his enormous fifth-wheel trailer from Iowa to Texas with it, year after year.

With the price of gas climbing, and no end in sight, I’ve been thinking a lot about that propane conversion lately. Not that we’ll ever do such a thing, but it might be useful for a lot of other people, especially anyone with some auto-mechanical skills. (That wouldn’t be us.)

Just out of curiosity, you might want to check this out. If gas gets to be in the $5-a-gallon range, or more, you might begin to see a lot more of these conversions on the road, and not just of trucks, but of cars as well. Here are some web sites for you with lots of links and loads of info: and and

The last link has some interesting discussion about the type of tank to use. Seems you can’t just go with a tank like the one on your barbeque grill at home.

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