Fire Precautions in The Woodlands, Texas

This was received this afternoon from Woodlands Alert:

Community Information – Fire Danger. Residents advised to take precautions.

Fire danger continues, residents advised to take precautions
THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS (April 20, 2011) – The Southeast Texas area, including Montgomery County and The Woodlands Township, is currently experiencing moderate to high drought conditions and the forecast conditions indicate elevated fire danger to continue throughout the coming days.
Montgomery County issued a fire ban throughout the County on April 11, 2011, which prohibits outdoor burning. The Woodlands Township does not allow open burning at any time without a permit, and the fire department encourages all residents to use extreme caution when using any type of open flame, said The Woodlands Fire Chief Alan Benson.
“Until conditions improve, The Woodlands Fire Department discourages any use of fire pits, charcoal grills or any other sources of ignition that could cause an accidental fire,” Chief Benson said. “The prolonged lack of sufficient rainfall has led to decreased levels of moisture found in fuels such as fallen limbs, trees and accumulated debris on the forest floor, which can readily ignite. The Woodlands Township will continue to monitor the conditions and provide updates as necessary. Until then, we ask for your assistance.”
Montgomery County, as a whole, responded to 33 grass/woods fires on Monday, April 18, 2011 and 31 on Tuesday, April 19, 2011.  The most significant were two fires; one involving a mulch pit (five acres) east of Tamina, approximately two miles east of I-45 and one south of the City of Magnolia involving 40 – 50 acres (heavy fire load).

The Woodlands has remained fortunate, so far, with only a couple of fires involving one acre or less.  The latest one occurred at the Bear Branch Skate Park on Wednesday morning, April 20, 2011.

“All of our fire companies are in their stations and in service. The department will be mindful not to over-commit our resources when responding to mutual aid requests. We will assist other departments; however it is important that we take care of our own backyard. We will continue to monitor the situation in The Woodlands,” Chief Benson said.
For more information about the fire ban in Montgomery County, please visit:
For more information about the fire ban from the state’s perspective, please visit:

For more information on The Woodlands Township, please call 281-210-3800 or visit

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