Arizona Wildfire Map, Updated 6/10/11. Arizona County Map.

The news continues to be pretty grim as the great Wallow fire remains uncontained. This is a huge fire that is causing a lot of problems for homeowners and ranch owners in that area. Please remember to keep all of the firefighters, and there are thousands, who are fighting this fire in your thoughts and prayers as well as all of the other people who are in harm’s way today. These fires are extremely dangerous. Remember that three firefighters lost their lives fighting wildfires in Texas this spring. Here is a fire map for you, courtesy of the Southwest Coordination Center, which was updated last night.

Here is a county map of Arizona to help you keep track of these fires:

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2 Responses to Arizona Wildfire Map, Updated 6/10/11. Arizona County Map.

  1. Bill Heath says:

    Anyone who has read what I have written for long knows I call myself a Republican environmentalist. What is my definition of this? The recognition that man is a natural part of our environment and that the sustainability of mans interaction with nature needs to be our focus not the separation of man from our environment. For years I have complained how the practice of environmental obstructionism by the Democrats who have claimed to be the knights of salvation for our environment has failed miserably. The “save a tree” mentality of these Democrats has caused us again and again to lose a forest. That is what we see happening again here in Arizona. We at one time until the late 70’s had a healthy logging relationship with our forests. This provided a win win. The forests were thinned of excess fuel and good high paying rural jobs were maintained, by the way rural jobs are very hard to replace. By 1984 during Democrat Bruce Babbitt’s tenure as Governor of Arizona the last of the logging on State and Federal land in AZ was ended creating a welfare cesspool in many small Central Arizona cities and a skyrocketing fire danger. By sacrificing these logging communities we saved a few owls and trees only to burn them all in today’s raging fire, we had a similar fire ten years ago just south and west of the current fire, same cause. Instead of having high paying logging jobs we have ashes today. As a world need to understand sustainability of resources something the Democrats have ignored because the practice of sustainability is not compatible with their own vision/practice of obstructionism where mans needs are not even considered into their environmental planning. The burning forests in AZ are just one visible example of how the Democrats hold the real needs of Americans as secondary to those of their perception of what they perceive as the environments needs. The Democrats have created the same havoc in American small business with their misguided policies but that is a another story. The Democrats philosophy of mans needs being incompatible with the environment has led us away from real environmental protection, away from an environmental policy that understands mans relationship with nature and nurtures that relationship with actions based on sustainability of the relationship and not looking at man as an invasive species whose any interaction with nature is viewed as a contaminant of that nature. When you look at these pictures of the burning forests and people’s dreams in AZ understand that what you are seeing isn’t “man’s” fault it is an insight into the Democrats failed environmental policies that are by flawed design harmful to both man and environment. The fire you see is a result of another failure of the Democrats practice of environmental obstructionism, they loved that forest and all its animals to death while harming all including man. We as voters have to change this culture of thinking man is evil when nature is involved to an understanding that we must focus on the sustainability of mans relationship and unstoppable natural interaction with our environment!

    How do we do this? We need to elect politicians who share a vision of mans sustainable interaction with our environment!

    • M.J.Deare says:

      Bill, I would like to turn your comment into a guest post on the blog. Is that okay with you? If so, what title would you give it? Please let me know. I think you have some important points here that should be shared. Thanks.

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