New Zealand Earthquake a 6.0: Map and Video

Unfortunately for the folks in New Zealand, they appear to be getting big aftershocks from their “big one”that struck Christchurch on February 22, 2011. The initial big quake was a 6.3 that caused tremendous damage and left 181 people dead. The damage in Christchurch was exacerbated by an earlier 4.0 earthquake which struck the same area the previous September.

The people in Japan are still waiting for their big aftershock. See my previous post, “Waiting for the 8.0 Aftershock.”  Here’s the information on the New Zealand quake for you from the USGS, followed by a map and a video of Prime Minister John Key discussing the earthquake damage. It appears that some parts of the devastated area will not be built upon again. In other words, they seem to be abandoning parcels of land in and around Christchurch. What a concept. Here in the U.S., we’d just dump rubble into the holes and build on top of the devastation. We’ve done it before.

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