Global Warming, Climate Change… Whatever You Want to Call It

Are you a global warming skeptic? Well, according to researchers at U.C. Berkeley, after you read their report, you should be “speechless.”  They have compiled a billion temperature records dating back to the 1800’s from 15 sources around the world, and by golly, they know for sure that the earth is one degree warmer now than it was way back when. (Well, I have to say, we did have a heckava hot summer here in the Houston area. I think I stayed one degree warmer all summer.)

You can read more about it at “Study Confirms Global Warming’s Existence.” I read the article, but, amazingly, I could still speak. Maybe the actual study is more stupifying. Not sure. At any rate, I was thinking about the temperature gauges outside our house. We have two. Not sure why. We’re not rich or anything, but we have two temperature gauges. They’re not spaced very far apart either.

The only reason I mention this is so I can tell you in all seriousness that those two temperature gauges never agree with one another. Never. How accurate do you think a billion readings in 15 different sources around the world can be? Were they all read in the same amount of sunlight, at the same time of the day, facing in the same direction, etc. What about wind? A cloud that did or did not blow over? A bit of hot pavement nearby? An exhaust fan? On and on…

Too many variables, in my book. Come on, U.C. Berkeley. You want all of us to ride our bicycles to work, I’m sure. Kind of hard to do if you live in Houston — or Chicago in the winter. You need to move along, U.C. Berkeley. Get over it.  Ride your bicycles on over to Whole Foods and get yourself some bean sprouts. We’re gonna hitch up our bass boats to the F350 and head to the lake, thank you very much.

By the way, wonder how much that U.C. Berkeley global warming study cost the good taxpayers of California? Just sayin’… Are any of the rest of you speechless?

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I am a writer, actively researching topics of interest. I am also a graduate of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, with a degree in English, and have a master's degree from the University of Memphis. Born in New Orleans, I lived there until moving to northwest Arkansas and from there to Memphis, Tennessee. My husband and I currently reside in The Woodlands, Texas.
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3 Responses to Global Warming, Climate Change… Whatever You Want to Call It

  1. Do you really think that scientists are unaware of the variables that effect temperature measurements? Or that they don’t know how to maintain correctly calibrated equipment? Most of the scientists involved are physicists and accustomed to measuring things to a far greater degree of accuracy than is necessary for studying global temperature trends.
    There is more detailed coverage of the study, including the funding here:

    And you can read the paper and see the data here:

    It’s best to actually look at the research itself before criticising it, don’t you think?

  2. rogerthesurf says:

    MJ, you should read this book, far more stupifying than the study by U.C. Berkeley (which does not even address any link between global warming and CO2 by the way).

    This recently published book is, as you will read, somewhat critical of the IPCC, but it is well researched and documented AND the facts are easily verifiable!

    “The Delinquent Teenager who was mistaken for the world’s top climate expert”
    Here is an excerpt : “Having morphed into an obnoxious adolescent, the IPCC is now everyone’s problem. This is because it
    performs one of the most important jobs in the world. Its purpose is to survey the scientific literature regarding climate change, to decide what it all means, and to write an ongoing series of reports. These reports are informally known as the Climate Bible. The Climate Bible is cited by governments around the world. It is the reason carbon taxes are being introduced, heating bills are rising, and costly new regulations are being enacted. It is why everyone thinks carbon dioxide emissions are dangerous. Put simply: the entire planet is in a tizzy because of a UN report. What most of us don’t know is that, rather than being written by a meticulous, upstanding professional in business attire, this report was produced by a slapdash, slovenly teenager who has trouble distinguishing right from wrong.”

    I would like to give you a link for the entire pdf but the author does deserve her USD$4.99.
    I thoroughly recommend you download for yourself.

    This will wake everyone up as to where the real issues lie.

  3. tamino says:

    If you study statistics you’ll learn that even though almost all data have inherent errors, the accumulation of vast quantities of data will reduce the error in the final estimate. I’d say that 1.6 billion data values is “vast.” If you study the history of meteorological observation you’ll discover that factors which can influence errors are monitored and compensated as is best possible. If you study the science behind global temperature estimation you’ll discover that even large errors in a thermometer reading which strongly influence the absolute temperature reading can have little impact on the trend in temperature. You might want to test your own dual temperature gauges — they might never agree on what the temperature is, but they’re much more likely to agree on whether your house got hotter or colder.

    And if you visit the website of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project, you’ll find that the entire effort was funded by private donations (from such politically diverse sources as Bill Gates and the Koch charitable foundation). Total cost to the California (or any) taxpayers: zero.

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